Travel Agent

Travel Agent Registeration Requirements

Now you can start your own business by depositing a minimum amount of 50,000 PKR. This amount will be added in your account for issuing tickets. You will be eligible to issue tickets against this amount. This panel will have your credentials and contact details.

You will be able to book and issue all IATA airlines domestic and international tickets including Air BlueShaheen and Serene are comming soon. Mean while Shaheen and Serene will be issued under a separate ID and separate deposit of 50,000 PKR for each.

We will create your ID on your or your company name and give you username and password.


  1. Your ID card and Contact Numbers.
  2. Your Blood Relative ID Card and Contact Numbers.
  3. 50,000 PKR, Cash.
  4. Affidavit that you will not mis-use and your business should be 100% legal